The Trapezists Dream~

"  … Faith, and Trust, and Pixie Dust.”  ~Peter Pan /J.M. Barrie

Life's a bit like this right now!  I'm on a bridge between two life chapters. Holding on & letting go. Self generating inertia and leaping from one perspective to the next. In non figurative form > my day job of past three years came to a close Saturday and I'm STILL searching for a place to live. Countdown to demolition on our current rental = 23 days! I'm really under the gun here but it always  seems to work out in the end. Usually at the 11th hour  … are we there yet??? lol

On one hand it's exciting to see a new chapter opening up. On the on the other? Well,  it's faith, trust and a whopping dollop of elbow grease mixed in with that pixie dust!

While I'm still channeling creativity through Music & Art I've had very little time with my camera lately 🙁 Hence the recent re-shares of older images. This is likely to be the case over the next month as I re-sort the basics of food & shelter.

Thanks again for being part of the adventure & please accept my apologies in advance for being less communicative.

Cheers to rounding the bend! Man, I sure hope the view's a good one … when I get there I'll be sure to take a picture & share it  😉

All the best~ Gx