The Ship Has Landed!

An impression from last night's walk along the Circular Quay during the final hours of   #vivid .

I brought my young daughter along to see the lights as we'd missed out on our annual family pilgrimage to the festival this year . Needless to say, she's not really into waiting around for settings, tripods & long exposures. Most of my frames contain a waving hand, extra blur from getting pushed along, and of course >  plenty of close up photo bombs! Still, good fun w/ pic's to prove it 😉 

Thx again +Jason Ruth for taking the time to tell her about the interactive lights just around the bend while I captured a few frames. Great to catch up again  +Colby Brown, appreciate you understanding why I had to make it an early night. Would loved to have talked shop & walked the whole circuit … look forward to seeing crisp, clear & colourful shots from both of you!

All the Best~

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