Standing at the Shore~

10 days ago I launched a little experiment. Now just over 1 hour remains on the clock for your chance to own a museum quality print of one of my images at a super bargain price! Check it out if you like >

I set up the auction as a birthday gift to myself in a bid to raise travel funds for a family trip to the USA . My little brother's getting married 🙂 The children are growing up so fast … in the 17 years I've lived here I've made the trip back home 3 times. Although I'm very blessed with a beautiful life my day jobs have only ever afforded the basics. It's a classic tale of save up and break the piggy bank for that unexpected event rather than travel. Now that my children are a bit older I'm working on changing that. But, be warned: if you've ever considered moving here > Sydney gobbles pay checks for rent! 😛 

Anyway,  thank you for tolerating the "plug" it's all new to me … hopefully it only pissed of the one person who bothered to say as much.

Many Blessings~