Curiosity finally got the better of me! 

While my philosophy and purpose for participating and posting here on +Google+ has always been (and will remain) the same, the platform (which I believe is still in it's infancy), continues to develop and expand.  Less than three yeas ago I'd never made a public post on the interwebs. Today, I have the most viewed G+ content in Australia.

I'd recently seen a few posts via +Mike Shaw+Scott Jarvie & +Yonatan Zunger about the new "views" feature . So, I checked some stats – it's not something I've concerned myself with in the past. From what I can see the new feature is an improved indicator of engagement than the "followers" figure. But the TRUTH (at least from my perspective) remains > this place is what YOU make of it! Be authentic, share something original & reach out to people with genuine sentiment. Be brave enough to be YOURSELF (use your real name) and you'll likely find it a worthwhile & rewarding experience.

One thing I have noticed as the  amount of people using G+ grows  is that despite the increase in "numbers" it is still the same core group of wonderfully talented & creative people who engage on a personal level. Only rarely do I hear from new circlers & I'll confess to being a little nostalgic for those early days when everyone was so excited to find likeminded people in the community & share their creative passions.

Honestly, I hold so much gratitude in my heart & soul for all the positive feedback and encouragement people dish out here. It's purely priceless & there isn't a number in the world that can define the sort of impact that comes from the love, belief, support, appreciation, connection and recognition reflected back and forth between fellow human beings on their contributions both big & small.

You know, I wasn't surprised to see that a lot of people with GINORMOUS G+ followings have proportionally lower views for the crowd of "apparent" interest. Let's face it +Lady Gaga probably isn't ever going to respond to your comments 😛

But, here's what DID surprise me when viewing my own profile statistics on +CircleCount's site
Despite squeaking into Australia's  top dozen most "followed" it's the 701 million "views" that put me in this nation's #1 spot. And THAT, ladies & gentlemen, boggles my f'n mind! All I can think is WOW (really?) and THANKYOU! Thank you for taking the time to read my profile ( I should probably go check it for typos now), express your thoughts & share my work. I don't know what it means to be in that position but I do know that I'm only there because of all you people.

Will this statistical knowledge change my behaviour? Prob's not. Haha! Have no fear, I'm not about to start posting cat GIFS or photos of my bare naked body to preserve my Aussie position or increase my following. In fact, I find it challenging to get my head around the reality of it all. The truth is; now that I'm aware of this data the integrity of what I share with you becomes of utmost importance. And it's because of that ethos that I've already turned down several  "piggy backers" offering some sort of monetary gain to share their content with you. I'm here to contribute, inspire & encourage through my own outward expression – not spruik. If I genuinely believe in something or someone I'm only to happy to share out of resonance. And I'll stick to that philosophy for the sake of my own inner peace!

Honestly, I have NO idea where this is going but I always did fancy the thought of being a pioneer. As a child I never could have imagined the human race was destined to venture into an unknown webosphere and build a more connected world on the complexly interwoven plains of a virtual frontier. Cheers to our brave new world!

And thanks again for being such good neighbours 😀