Poster's finished & printed! Installation day tomorrow!

Complimentary Champagne & Award Winning Cocktails served at the official opening on May 14th. Anyone's welcome but numbers ARE strictly limited! You MUST RSVP to attend the event either via the link below or by emailing

The exhibition is on show for the entire Month of May, so if you're in Sydney stop by & say hello! If not? The virtual experience will be available to mailing list subscribers @


Unusual (hai) Verse (ku)~

In a paper frame
the maiden still, for all time
remnant of her self~

Good weekend Googlies!

One of my current obsessions is up-cycling found objects with beautiful Japanese papers. Each page is quite expensive so I've taken to photographing & layering them … totally hooked & can't wait to create a series working with the idea.

Spending less time online as things manifest in the physical world but still enjoy checking in on your lovely images, original songs, tech updates, goings on & works of art. Thank YOU all for keeping G+ an inspirational place to hang out 🙂

If you're in Sydney during the month of May feel free to stop by my exhibition in conjunction with the #headonphotofestival. More details
will be posted at or you ca join the event at


Exhibition | Life In Still Motion | Scenes From the Pacific Shore

Save the Date!

Opening Night: Thursday, 14 May 2015 – 6:30pm
Exhibition: Friday 1/05/2015 – Sunday 31/05/2015
Artist Talk: Saturday 16 May 2015 – 7:30pm
Workshops: TBA

Not in Sydney? No worries!
Join the virtual exhibition via mailing list
@ #headonphotofestival

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Dame de la Lune de Sang~

For all beginnings, an ending comes
Energy in motion, every one
Eternal souls in a cosmic tide
Each day, a new wave we ride~

*Final image in the 4 part series of #selfportrait s exploring the theme of the #Solar & #Lunar #Eclipse on March 20th & April 4th 2015. #bloodmoon

If you missed the previous posts & would like to view them …

Here's a city by city link for Aussies lucky enough to have clear skies tonight


Lake Pend Oreille~

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” ~Thoreau

On almost every trip back to the States I make a point of spending a little time visiting this corner of the world. Such a serene place to take in the fresh air and pause for the passing of the day.

#sunset #GarfieldBay #Idaho


Ghost Ships~

From a series I've been creating by opening up the shutter and adding intentional movement during exposure. Good fun – if you have patience with it! Certainly not everyone's cup of tea 😉

Hope you're all well … miss the time I had when it was possible to check in more often. But, life is full & that's a good thing!

All the Best~

#abstractphotography #slowshutter


I recently spent some time chatting with +Brent Mail & +Johny Spencer about all things photography and … well, some silly stuff from my past

I never have the courage to watch these types of interviews – what's done is done! Hopefully there's no need for extreme embarrassment. I let you be the judge 😉

Originally shared by +Brent Mail

In this episode we interview +Gretchen Chappelle amazing photographer and artist.

Share – Ringo Starr and Bat-mobile
Inspire – "The Impossible Magnitude of Impermanence"
Create – Get start in photography with what you already have.
Enjoy the Show & Share the Photo-love
Brent & Johny

SIC 19 – The Ringo Batman – Gretchen Chappelle
Share – Ringo Starr and Bat-mobile
Inspire – “The Impossible Magnitude of Impermanence”
Create – Get start in photography with what you already have.

Enjoy the Show & Share the Photo-love
Brent & Johny

The Old Timer's View~

“We are homesick most for the places we have never known.”
~C. McCullers

Every now and again a location or moment in time conjures up a wave of nostalgia. Not an unlikely occurrence when traveling through the far West.

I purchased a couple of vintage post cards from a fun little shop in #Austin , #UncommonObjects that inspired some of my edits along with a few other old hand painted photos. Not sure how close I got to the desired result but it was good fun – as always 🙂

You can have a virtual browse of Uncommon Objects via the #photosphere link below or check out a small detail from the post cards I found & posted to instagram – if you fancy that sort of thing 😉

#ChisosMountains #TheWindow #BigBendNationalPark #Texas