Ghost Ships~

From a series I've been creating by opening up the shutter and adding intentional movement during exposure. Good fun – if you have patience with it! Certainly not everyone's cup of tea 😉

Hope you're all well … miss the time I had when it was possible to check in more often. But, life is full & that's a good thing!

All the Best~

#abstractphotography #slowshutter


Rainy Night in the The Domain ~ 

Last month when +Brian Matiash & +Lauren Bath  were visiting Sydney I joined a small group of locals for a Insta+ HIRL & some Google goss'. Having  parked a MILE away I took the opportunity to  muck around with the camera in the rain on my walk back to the car. 

Sorry  I've been MIA … moving house totally consumed the month.  But, I'm about to launch into a more productive phase with lots of photography, music & travel on the cards.  Look forward to sharing the adventure & catching up with some of you in person.

Hope you've all been well 🙂