Unusual (hai) Verse (ku)~

In a paper frame
the maiden still, for all time
remnant of her self~

Good weekend Googlies!

One of my current obsessions is up-cycling found objects with beautiful Japanese papers. Each page is quite expensive so I've taken to photographing & layering them … totally hooked & can't wait to create a series working with the idea.

Spending less time online as things manifest in the physical world but still enjoy checking in on your lovely images, original songs, tech updates, goings on & works of art. Thank YOU all for keeping G+ an inspirational place to hang out 🙂

If you're in Sydney during the month of May feel free to stop by my exhibition in conjunction with the #headonphotofestival. More details
will be posted at www.gretchenchappelle.com or you ca join the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1554385481493691/


Sol Luna :: The Complete Series

However subtle and intangible the significance of a Solar or Lunar eclipse is on the human psyche (or the planet), it always seems to stir the imagination. Fun theme to work with over the past couple weeks -certainly no shortage of theories out there to investigate!

Hope you're all feeling a little lighter after the long weekend : )

Cheers from Oz!


Dame de la Lune de Sang~

For all beginnings, an ending comes
Energy in motion, every one
Eternal souls in a cosmic tide
Each day, a new wave we ride~

*Final image in the 4 part series of #selfportrait s exploring the theme of the #Solar & #Lunar #Eclipse on March 20th & April 4th 2015. #bloodmoon

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Here's a city by city link for Aussies lucky enough to have clear skies tonight http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/news/2015/03/total-lunar-eclipse-in-australia-4-april-2015.


Rainy Night in the The Domain ~ 

Last month when +Brian Matiash & +Lauren Bath  were visiting Sydney I joined a small group of locals for a Insta+ HIRL & some Google goss'. Having  parked a MILE away I took the opportunity to  muck around with the camera in the rain on my walk back to the car. 

Sorry  I've been MIA … moving house totally consumed the month.  But, I'm about to launch into a more productive phase with lots of photography, music & travel on the cards.  Look forward to sharing the adventure & catching up with some of you in person.

Hope you've all been well 🙂


Moving House~

A few of you know I’ve been searching for a new address – no easy task for Sydneysiders! After MONTHS of daily searching (and countless disappointments) we now have a new lease! The removalists are booked!  We’re pulling up stakes without a moment to spare. Demolition/development commences the day we turn in the keys – this location will never be the same!

Just as well I took a photo or two 😉

We’ll bring with us many great memories of the 5 years we’ve lived here.  I’ve loved the ornate ceilings, unique glass work, grassy yard & glimpses of the harbour. However, it’s the changes & developments in our lives that forevermore hold the meaning.

Transition time for internet dis/re-connect = 5 working days. Online in a week’s time.

Catch ya on the flip side! Gx

#selfportrait from last year’s #project52