Sundays at the Park :: Balmoral 

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”  ~Franz Kafka

Balmoral is one of my favourite beaches here in Sydney. It’s a place where the waters are calm and the picturesque scenery presents itself in every direction. Fish & Chips aren’t bad either 😉

Cheers to the timeless beauty we see through our eyes, even as they themselves grow old!

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Curiosity finally got the better of me!

While my philosophy and purpose for participating and posting here on +Google+ has always been (and will remain) the same, the platform (which I believe is still in it's infancy), continues to develop and expand. Less than three yeas ago I'd never made a public post on the interwebs. Today, I have the most viewed G+ content in Australia.

I'd recently seen a few posts via +Mike Shaw, +Scott Jarvie & +Yonatan Zunger about the new "views" feature . So, I checked some stats – it's not something I've concerned myself with in the past. From what I can see the new feature is an improved indicator of engagement than the "followers" figure. But the TRUTH (at least from my perspective) remains > this place is what YOU make of it! Be authentic, share something original & reach out to people with genuine sentiment. Be brave enough to be YOURSELF (use your real name) and you'll likely find it a worthwhile & rewarding experience.

One thing I have noticed as the amount of people using G+ grows is that despite the increase in "numbers" it is still the same core group of wonderfully talented & creative people who engage on a personal level. Only rarely do I hear from new circlers & I'll confess to being a little nostalgic for those early days when everyone was so excited to find likeminded people in the community & share their creative passions.

Honestly, I hold so much gratitude in my heart & soul for all the positive feedback and encouragement people dish out here. It's purely priceless & there isn't a number in the world that can define the sort of impact that comes from the love, belief, support, appreciation, connection and recognition reflected back and forth between fellow human beings on their contributions both big & small.

You know, I wasn't surprised to see that a lot of people with GINORMOUS G+ followings have proportionally lower views for the crowd of "apparent" interest. Let's face it +Lady Gaga probably isn't ever going to respond to your comments 😛

But, here's what DID surprise me when viewing my own profile statistics on +CircleCount's site
Despite squeaking into Australia's top dozen most "followed" it's the 701 million "views" that put me in this nation's #1 spot. And THAT, ladies & gentlemen, boggles my f'n mind! All I can think is WOW (really?) and THANKYOU! Thank you for taking the time to read my profile ( I should probably go check it for typos now), express your thoughts & share my work. I don't know what it means to be in that position but I do know that I'm only there because of all you people.

Will this statistical knowledge change my behaviour? Prob's not. Haha! Have no fear, I'm not about to start posting cat GIFS or photos of my bare naked body to preserve my Aussie position or increase my following. In fact, I find it challenging to get my head around the reality of it all. The truth is; now that I'm aware of this data the integrity of what I share with you becomes of utmost importance. And it's because of that ethos that I've already turned down several "piggy backers" offering some sort of monetary gain to share their content with you. I'm here to contribute, inspire & encourage through my own outward expression – not spruik. If I genuinely believe in something or someone I'm only to happy to share out of resonance. And I'll stick to that philosophy for the sake of my own inner peace!

Honestly, I have NO idea where this is going but I always did fancy the thought of being a pioneer. As a child I never could have imagined the human race was destined to venture into an unknown webosphere and build a more connected world on the complexly interwoven plains of a virtual frontier. Cheers to our brave new world!

And thanks again for being such good neighbours 😀



Observations from the Hill~

All the tiny fragments are forever present. Whether or not we see them is in the art of observation~ GC

Many thanks to +Elia Locardi & +Naomi Locardi for giving us Sydneysiders the perfect excuse for an impromptu #drinkandclick . And to +Ana Andres for organising the event. Always fun to catch up with the online community in person 🙂

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The Haunted~

This is an image I clicked just prior to one I posted during a G+ photowalk last year.  Totally creeped out by what was revealed when I added a little drama & saturation via the  #snapseed  app. It may be completely invisible to the naked eye but clearly there’s some seriously freaky ass juju trapped in those walls!

original post >

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The only downside to a crowd this size is not being able to meet everyone! Fun day…

The only downside to a crowd this size is not being able to meet everyone! Fun day despite the downpour 😀

Reshared post from +Elia Locardi

Sydney Photowalk 2013 || Official Group Photo
Thank You once again to everyone who joined us yesterday for our #SYDPhotowalk2013!

Here is the “Official Group Photo” taken by +Locky Downing, Thanks Locky, with post-processing by +Naomi Locardi.

The final official count came in at 203 people!
And although we didn’t break Melbourne’s world record, that is still a great group of photographers! I’ve gotten several messages from people unfortunately not able to join us due to public transport outages and the weather, so who knows maybe we’ll get them next time! It was really a fantastic day and I’m glad I had the chance to meet all of you!

A great big THANK YOU once again to everyone who helped with the Workshop and Photowalk +Ali Sadreddini +Ana Andres +Keith McInnes +Locky Downing +Malcolm Fackender +Steve Mansfield +Lucinda Barlow +Naomi Locardi and especially, +Giuseppe Basile, we couldn’t have done it without you mate!

In addition, we want to send out a big thanks to our sponsors for the great giveaways & prizes, +JOBY, +Google Australia, +SmugMug, and of course +Sydney Opera House for the wonderful opportunity to shoot inside this amazing building!

Fantastic photos from the walk are already being posted and can be found at the event  page here:

Now let the tagging begin!



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Plus Post! :: Week 9/10 :: +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers 

Plus Post! :: Week 9/10 :: +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers

Composition has been the name of the game for weeks now. Not surprising, there are so many tools one can use to enhance a photographic story & bring attention to a subject … much to learn on this topic! Many thanx to +Robin Griggs Wood and all of the #gmapp3 members for their feedback, constructive criticism, and support with my photography.

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Stories of Youth~

I settled on submitting this image to the +Plus One Collection last night. One of my favourites of 2012 for it’s story & simplicity. Wishing you all the best with your entries, it’s sure to be an amazing collection.

p.s. There’s still time to submit an image to the #PlusOneCollection2012  if you’ve not already done so. Visit

Thank you once again for all the wonderful efforts you put into charitable projects +Ivan Makarov.


Plus Post! :: Week 5 :: Playing with Light ::   #GMAPP3  ::   #gmapp3main…

Plus Post! :: Week 5 :: Playing with Light ::   #GMAPP3  ::   #gmapp3main  

What a great couple of weeks for the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers mentored by +Robin Griggs Wood. We'd all been given the freedom to "play" with light & add the images to their own album – you can have a click through mine here if you like

Something I'd always wanted to try but had never attempted to do was capture light trails at night. So, as you can see, I set out for the Anzac Bridge with my camera & tripod… not bad for a first attempt with a new camera. Fun stuff!

Hope everyone's having a wonderful start to 2013 🙂

Earlier in the week I posted an arty B&W edit of the same image  – I think it works better in B&W

Last week's Plus Post Post: