Nothing quite like unwrapping and hanging 1.5 meter prints!

If you're in #Sydney and want to have a look, the "Life In Still Motion" series continues to hang at #Gallery #ArtEst until the end of May.

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The #HeadOn15 #photography #art #exhibition is being set up today in our #gallery! Gretchen Chappelle uses motion blur & #photographic techniques to create painterly #photos @headonphotofest



7-8 pm TONIGHT!

Join me at Gallery Art Est for a quick chat about my perspective behind the lens and the reasoning for many of my aesthetic choices. I’ll give a few insights into the way my techniques have developed over time and share stories about the people, locations and adventures beyond the frame. Not one to ramble on, should be plenty of time for Q&A.

If you’re coming along, dress warm! It’s a big space and a little off the beaten track. Hot tea, cocoa & Champange for those who make the effort 😉

If you’re arriving via the Rozelle side turn RT on Kegworth (Lords Rd is one way).
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"Life In Still Motion" opens TONIGHT!

If you're in Sydney feel free to stop in at Art Est. and have a look. Should be around over the next week if you you'd like to say hello in person and are unable to make the opening event, workshops or Artist Talk on Saturday.

The new, unpublished & fully re-mastered favourites are on display in large print at Gallery Art Est. for the remainder of May. More information at

For those far away folk following my daily posts … thank you for your patience! > #gottapromote


Put the art > in your SmART – device!

I'm running a couple of Sunday workshops during #HeadOn15

Click the link if you're in #Sydney and want to join the fun 🙂

Workshops – Gretchen Chappelle
Putting the ART > in your SmART – device Join me for an interactive, educational & fun filled afternoon of mobile apping! Bring your own device or use one of the provided iPads to create & take home your very own work of art. I’ll walk you through some basic steps, introduce you to my go to apps and set you on the path to a studio that fits in your purse or pocket. Saturday May 17th, 2 pm – 4:30 pm Ages 10 + Saturday May 24th 10 a…

Exhibition | Life In Still Motion | Scenes From the Pacific Shore

Save the Date!

Opening Night: Thursday, 14 May 2015 – 6:30pm
Exhibition: Friday 1/05/2015 – Sunday 31/05/2015
Artist Talk: Saturday 16 May 2015 – 7:30pm
Workshops: TBA

Not in Sydney? No worries!
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There are two children in this photo.

In all the time we shared a back yard & building with our Muslim/Moroccan neighbours, religion & beliefs were never a topic. Despite my daughter’s fascination with the Hijab, conversations were always based around simple everyday needs… inquires for a missing ingredient in a meal she was cooking, a request to mind her child while running a quick errand… It made me happy she felt comfortable enough to ask. She also never hesitated to offer a lift when she noticed me waiting for a bus. We no longer live in the same neighbourhood. But, I still rely on public transport several days a week…

No one person should be judged by another’s actions > #illridewithyou

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Spitting Rainbows~ 

Mercurial weather and everyday rainbows … spring is on the way!

I love the way nature reminds us that it takes both sunshine and rain to reveal the full spectrum surrounding us. Seems to me, the gold at the end of a rainbow is the pool of light illuminating the beauty & value unearthed in a downpour.

Wherever you are today – I hope you recognise within your soul the worth of your own inner pot of gold. Spend it wisely 😉

Cheers from Oz!

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On a wing and a prayer~

This was the largely obstructed view as I flew into Sydney at the crack of dawn yesterday morning. After 9 flights, 6 weeks and countless miles driving through the U.S. it's feeling quite good to be snuggled up at home.  Even on this cold and miserable winter's day  😉

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