Sundays at the Park :: Balmoral

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” ~Franz Kafka

Balmoral is one of my favourite beaches here in Sydney. It's a place where the waters are calm and the picturesque scenery presents itself in every direction. Fish & Chips aren't bad either 😉

Cheers to the timeless beauty we see through our eyes, even as they themselves grow old!

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How to Save a Life~

Hopefully you've already heard this story. This video will save a little girl's life: #SavingEliza If not, here's your chance to help by sharing the video or purchasing a limited edition print for yourself or someone you love at …so many amazing contributions – we're spoilt for choice! If you're a fan of my style you can find the below image "Two Ships" for purchase at



The Trapezists Dream~

" … Faith, and Trust, and Pixie Dust.” ~Peter Pan /J.M. Barrie

Life's a bit like this right now! I'm on a bridge between two life chapters. Holding on & letting go. Self generating inertia and leaping from one perspective to the next. In non figurative form > my day job of past three years came to a close Saturday and I'm STILL searching for a place to live. Countdown to demolition on our current rental = 23 days! I'm really under the gun here but it always seems to work out in the end. Usually at the 11th hour … are we there yet??? lol

On one hand it's exciting to see a new chapter opening up. On the on the other? Well, it's faith, trust and a whopping dollop of elbow grease mixed in with that pixie dust!

While I'm still channeling creativity through Music & Art I've had very little time with my camera lately 🙁 Hence the recent re-shares of older images. This is likely to be the case over the next month as I re-sort the basics of food & shelter.

Thanks again for being part of the adventure & please accept my apologies in advance for being less communicative.

Cheers to rounding the bend! Man, I sure hope the view's a good one … when I get there I'll be sure to take a picture & share it 😉

All the best~ Gx


Standing at the Shore~

10 days ago I launched a little experiment. Now just over 1 hour remains on the clock for your chance to own a museum quality print of one of my images at a super bargain price! Check it out if you like >

I set up the auction as a birthday gift to myself in a bid to raise travel funds for a family trip to the USA . My little brother's getting married 🙂 The children are growing up so fast … in the 17 years I've lived here I've made the trip back home 3 times. Although I'm very blessed with a beautiful life my day jobs have only ever afforded the basics. It's a classic tale of save up and break the piggy bank for that unexpected event rather than travel. Now that my children are a bit older I'm working on changing that. But, be warned: if you've ever considered moving here > Sydney gobbles pay checks for rent! 😛 

Anyway,  thank you for tolerating the "plug" it's all new to me … hopefully it only pissed of the one person who bothered to say as much.

Many Blessings~

The Painter's Muse?

Over the past month or so I've been embracing that concept of slaying the "dragon" to dance with the muse . This work of Art by Steve De lamare illustrates the thought.


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Art by Steve De lamare


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Big dreams, Little Wonders~

Today's addition to I'm auctioning off the  #1 print of some of my most loved works. This is the chance to own a signed, limited edition, museum quality print. Auction closes March 30th.  

Do you remember a time when every little thing was full of wonder & your dreams were big? It's so important to keep that spirit alive in our hearts no matter what our age. 

Is there a dream you're working toward? Are you setting the wheels in motion to make it true? Please, feel welcome to post your dream in the thread below & I'll spend a few moments visualising  it as your reality 🙂

Many Blessings~

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Wonder at the Shore~

A heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes!!! I'm standing on the shore of a vast and unknown sea … this year I'm truly diving in and chasing my "white whale".

I'm adding this image to . By sharing the link, "liking" or tweeting you may help people who'd love to own a limited edition signed print find my work.  New images added daily until close of auction March 30th.

For the next 24 hours ONLY I'm taking orders for any print from my archives for only $172. That includes shipping & packaging anywhere in the world. Just send a screenshot of the image to All funds raised are going towards a camera upgrade & airfare to visit ailing family back in the US.

Many Blessings to All. You make my days brighter 😀