Photoshoot Tips

Pre- Session Tips 

For optimal results, take time to nurture your body, mind, and spirit in the lead up to your portrait session.

Self Care

Hydrate: Aim to drink plenty of clean water and limit your intake of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. This will help your skin glow and lessen any puffiness, wrinkles or dry skin.

Nourish: Avoid anything that seems to upset your digestive system and favor fresh, simple foods that supply good nutrients to your body. Avoid sugar (even for a week) and your skin will thank you 🙂

Groom:  If you shape your brows or are concerned about facial hair in general, aim to get your wax or tweeze about 3 days prior to the shoot. Waxing strips the fine hair on your skin leaving it shinier than other areas and can cause redness and irritation. A gentle exfoliation of the face and lips is recommended, but, nothing out of the ordinary! Avoid all peels or laser treatments. This is NOT the time for radical changes!

Rest: Sleep is magic. there’s a reason it’s referred to “beauty sleep”!  Hide your mobile device in another room to avoid exposing yourself to the blue light which can interfere with sleep patterns.



In general, a minimal look is best. Let your natural beauty shine through by aiming to even out your skin tone and conceal any blemishes or dark circles. Use a primer or non-oily moisturizer under your base and keep your foundation very light. Here are a few “minimal makeup” tutorials that you may find helpful.

Minimal Makeup Look for Actor’s Headshots

The ULTIMATE All Occasion Makeup Look For Everyone!


What To Wear


Headshots: Keep it simple. A solid colour that suits your complexion, style and personality is always a winner. If you do go with a pattern keep the print small and subtle. Large geometric shapes and overly bright colours will distract the viewer from your face. Also, be sure that you feel comfortable, constrictive clothes will interfere with your ability to feel relaxed. Feeling confident and comfortable is a major factor in getting the results you want. It’s also important to be in alignment with your brand so choose colours that reflect that or were your uniform if the shoot is work or company related.

Portraits: Portraits are all about capturing the essence of who you really are. The most stunning results are when you’re dressed in something you love, even if that means wearing a tattered T!  The FIT of your garments IS important. You want to FEEL GOOD and anything that is too constrictive will create odd shapes on your figure and prevent you from fully relaxing into the moment. The number of outfit changes will have been outlined when booking your session.

Fashion/Fine Art: Garments and make-up will be provided for you or discussed in detail prior to shoot date.

Family/Groups, aim to compliment one another while allowing each individual to display their own unique personality.


What to Bring


The most important thing to bring is an open heart and positive attitude 😀

Along with that: a water bottle, your makeup kit for any touch-ups, a change of clothing (dependent on session type), your favourite moisturizer, and any props relevant to the shoot.