There are two children in this photo.

In all the time we shared a back yard & building with our Muslim/Moroccan neighbours, religion & beliefs were never a topic. Despite my daughter’s fascination with the Hijab, conversations were always based around simple everyday needs… inquires for a missing ingredient in a meal she was cooking, a request to mind her child while running a quick errand… It made me happy she felt comfortable enough to ask. She also never hesitated to offer a lift when she noticed me waiting for a bus. We no longer live in the same neighbourhood. But, I still rely on public transport several days a week…

No one person should be judged by another’s actions > #illridewithyou

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Happy #floralfriday Lovelies!

I started a #21daysworld Instagram challenge at the beginning of the week to reinvigorate my love of mobile photography & in the habit of posting more over there. Day one’s topic was “plant life” … the rest of my insta efforts are posted @ http://instagram.com/xpressionistic

My daughter insisted I buy myself these beautiful potted Orchids as a belated Mother’s Day gift a few weeks back. I’m glad I took her advice, they’re beautiful. Love their true colours in real life but I also quite like the way they came up in #blackandwhite .

Wishing you a wonderful weekend~

With thanks to +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Eustace James & +Kiki Nelson of +FloralFriday for keeping the theme in bloom 😉

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The Haunted~

This is an image I clicked just prior to one I posted during a G+ photowalk last year. Totally creeped out by what was revealed when I added a little drama & saturation via the #snapseed app. It may be completely invisible to the naked eye but clearly there's some seriously freaky ass juju trapped in those walls!

original post > https://plus.google.com/108729164162563480433/posts/H5sBzadKQjk

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I always did want a little Indiana Jones adventure in my life! Minus the snakes of…

I always did want a little Indiana Jones adventure in my life! Minus the snakes of course 😉

I recently spent a week in the Australian tropics paddle boarding & walking around some of these islands. Such a beautiful part of the world to explore, even if it IS home to some of the worlds most deadly creatures! I happily donned a stinger suit that made me appear more Suessian than outback adventure … because no one is a match for theses tiny buggers!  http://www.irukandjijellyfish.com/

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